MIS Group (Made in Surveys + Made in Studios) is a full-service fieldwork company.

We specialise in providing field and research services to Research/Consulting Agencies.

MIS provides both Quantitative and Qualitative solutions. We have specialised in online quantitative market research for over 15 years through proprietary data collection solutions.

Our clients include major market research companies, communications agencies and other marketing professionals.
We use our own proprietary Panel (double opt-in) for all your Quantitative and Qualitative projects.

With our highly-qualified proprietary panels consisting of over 1,000,000 panellists worldwide (specifically 160,000 in the UK // 500,000 in France), we can recruit respondents for any kind of project.

We also provide an in-house developed Online Qualitative Research software: On-Qual.
On-Qual can be used to conduct Online Focus Groups, Bulletin Boards and Online Communities.

We have Viewing Facilities across France and the UK (Birmingham, Paris, Lyon and Lille).

To learn more visit : www.madeinstudios.com

Offices in London, Birmingham, Paris, Lille and Lyon.