The best-proven business tactics are those that offer transparency and a great user experience that connects the targeted customer base with the business. Same can be seen in the business ideologies and methodologies of Mishra Car Rental that is taking a holistic approach in its car rental packages to various locations and is keeping travel quotes open without any hidden charges.
“We are serving in the industry for past many years, and know what a customer can expect from us. A journey in a rental car can be expensive depending on the distance you are covering. We are taking an innovative approach and using the latest technological equipment/gadget in our fleet to offer foolproof protection to our customers. It’s something we love to do, and now with the Digital India campaign, we are extending our horizons to reach bigger audience base and connect them with our business,” said a company’s representative to the media.
The company is extending its horizons and trying to become digitally active. Through digital marketing creative campaigns, the company aims to tap into the existing opportunities and create a strong brand for itself in the market that would make it recognizable in the market.
Although Mishra Car Rental is performing fairly well and has clients from across India, they are looking to grow their roots in other locations and have redesigned their website that would complement with their ideologies and vision.
The company is currently offering discounted summer trip packages to Shimla, Manali, Goa, and Sri Nagar etc. locations. The company’s main theme is to create a place where people not get affordable cars to rent, but experience their journey without having to face any kind of troubles.
And to magnify their vision to extend their reach and influence a bigger audience, Mishra is passionately working on its digital marketing campaigns and said to have generated a good amount of leads.
The step is a praiseworthy by the company, as in India, small businesses are still resisting going digital and losing a good amount of money that way. The things are changing because when a reputed and notable small business makes its way doing new things, the rest follows, and adopt the new parameters to extend their business horizons.

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