About Us

The Miss/Ms Black Georgia USA Scholarship Foundation is entity designed to develop, celebrate, and assist with the educational goals of African-American women.  The Miss Black Georgia USA believes minority women should be economically empowered, politically astute, spiritually centered, and civic minded.  We have three divisions: Teen (13-18), Miss (18-27) and Ms (28-45).

Reigning Queens:
    Miss Black Georgia Teen, Arie Smith
       Miss Black Georgia USA, Andrea Kinch
    Ms Black Georgia USA, Carla Hawkins

The Miss/Ms Black Georgia USA Scholarship Foundation seeks to give young, talented African-American women a platform to impact their community while gaining statewide and national exposure. It is an opportunity for these young women to obtain a sense of well-being and self-confidence by competing for a prestigious title that will continue to enhance their lives.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Miss/Ms Black Georgia USA is to identify, develop, and promote national leadership within the African-American community among women 13-45 years of age.  This mission is served through intensive contestant development and by operating as the largest state provider of scholarships to African American women in Georgia.  

•     To aid in the social, economic, political, spiritual, cultural, physical, professional, and academic development of Miss/Ms Black Georgia USA contestants
•     To offer young, minority women a viable mechanism for attaining celebrity and leadership status within the community
•     To celebrate the many shapes, sizes, colors, and textures of African-American beauty, achievement and womanhood
•     To provide a forum for African-American women to showcase their talents
•     To promote healthy lifestyle choices for African-American women, and youth
•     To promote Economic Empowerment for African-American women and youth
•     To support efforts to improve the literacy rate among African-Americans
•     To educate the African-American community about the devastation of AIDS in the US and abroad and promote abstinence and safer-sex practices  
•     To promote and impact political awareness and voter registration for African-American women ages 13-45
•     To develop young, African-American women into strong, empowered, and educated leaders and role models

For more information on volunteering, becoming a contestant or sponsor, please contact us at info@missblackga.org. Make a difference today!