Missing You Forever is the first site that allows users to post Obituaries online quickly and easily, while considering the financial costs associated with death and funeral planning. Our Obituaries include unlimited words and four pictures. They can be printed, emailed, shared on Social Networking sites and guests can comment in the Memory Book.

Missing You Forever was established in 2011 following the Owners personal experience with death and the inability to post an Obituary for her mother after handing the compulsory expenses that came with the unexpected death.

This site is to honour the ones that have passed and we hope enables the ones left behind to eventually find peace. The ability to say goodbye to a loved one, write about that person and memorialize their lives in your final words is something that nobody should be denied.

Missing You Forever Obituaries contain unlimited words, four photos, a guestbook and easy sharing options.  

Our Mission: To provide a service that allows individuals to create affordable Obituaries online.

Our Values:
1) To utilize technology and IT support to ensure that services are accurate and available 24/7
2) To ensure that the customer is 100% satisfied with the services provided to them
3) To ensure that Missing You Forever treats all customers and employees with kindness,  
     professionalism and compassion
4) To ensure that Obituaries remain affordable
5) To share our values with potential employees and affiliates prior to establishing business
     relations with them

Our Vision: A complete committment to allowing bereaved individuals create affordable Obituaries.