As a young girl, making crafts weren’t Leanette Horne’s talent. She wanted to be a TV news reporter. She says that she feels that her crafting “gene” lay dormant until just before the birth of her daughter, Wynter, now 15. She stumbled upon it by way of creating still shots for her college TV production class, and the love for making things was born.

Her love of flowers and creating event décor began in 1997, when she decorated for a relative’s graduation dinner, and she blew the guests away. “Everyone kept telling me that I should do this for a living, but it took another decade, plus a few years, to actually get going”.

A self-taught crafter, Leanette began making items for her daughter when time was short, an event was looming and she couldn’t find just the right thing to match a dress or costume. When Wynter entered her first scholarship pageant three years ago, and her shoes just didn’t have that “umph”, Leanette got to work creating both her shoes and a casual wear outfit. Wynter took third place.
Leanette formed both Miss Morado’s Menagerie and T. F. Wynter’s Blooms simultaneously, after a workplace situation left her hospitalized and she lost a childhood friend to breast cancer. “There is nothing that wakes you up quite like life-altering events that make you look at where you are, who you are and where you are going,” she says.  After a brief hiatus in 2013, serious coaching from her business mentors, revamping her line of products and a few test runs in various markets, she reopened for business on January 1, 2014. Currently, she is exploring and developing a home accessories line that will feature glassware, dinnerwear, candles and repurposed furniture.

She plans to take both businesses full time sometime in early 2016.
Miss Morado’s Menagerie makes handmade children’s clothing, children’s accessories, jewelry and household accessories. T.F. Wynter’s Blooms creates event décor and floral design for weddings, birthday parties, holidays and corporate events.

Leanette Horne is CEO of Miss Morado’s Menagerie and T.F. Wynter’s Blooms.  She has studied floral design at Macomb Community College in their Floral Design Program under Richard Gleason, who was named as 2010’s Floral Designer of the Year by the Michigan Floral Association.

For more information on either company, please contact Leanette Horne at missmoradomenagerie@gmail.com or wyntersblooms2@yahoo.com.