Miss Pearl is a very unique retired show dog that is featured on the cover of Orient Express Magazine's current edition. This is the issue distributed at the Westminster Dog Show and Miss Pearl.com is educating the public about her life after show biz. We sincerely hope the public considers a rescue but if they decide on a good healthy bred dog, we hope they will not buy a dog from a puppy mill. Puppy mills are contributing to the over population problem. Most reputable show breeders are into just showing for their love of the breed. We also want to make people smile and hope to showcase American made products, whenever possible. We plan on selling a book entitled Diva Pearl with lots of advice for kids, plus artwork, capes & many other unique keepsakes.
We are Pekingese history buffs and want to share our love and knowledge of both Pekingese lore and legends. Pekingese are endangered and it is our sincere desire to preserve the health of this glorious breed and let the world see how incredible they really are.

Vicki Gattuso