After significant work experience, characterized by the collaboration in the production of high standard events, we decided to combine our knowledge, driven by a common desire to give our best to promote the traditions, history, natural beauty and artistic talents of Italy.
Thus was born the Cultural Association "In Progress".
Our ideas have soon been involving many other people, happy to share our know-how and the passion with which we work.
The participation in numerous international events and a careful research have allowed us to know and meet many professionals who perform their activities in the show-business around the world.
Work on developing a new project that involved Colleagues from all of the five continents has become, then, a kind of "natural consequence" ...
The awareness of the great challenge that we faced was the starting point for developing a project that would involve a considerable commitment.
We got down to work and we have identified in the IN PROGRESS CALENDAR 2010 (link al calendario) the best way to bring the public attention to our group and our major project. We hope thatyou will like  the result of our work like it and, perhaps, induce many more people to join us.

Giusy, Luca and Giuseppe


After a careful analysis of the extensive list of events more or less known dedicated to beauty, we observed that in Italy there was no event which, besides having the usual characteristics of an event “light” and suitable for audiences of all ages which can be considered a beauty contest, was enriched with social content and, above all, that had an international issue.

On these bases we have worked hard to define the right format to be proposed, starting with a classic brainstorming session to which all members of "In Progress" participated actively.
The final result was unequivocal: we all agreed that, although with different modes and speeds, the populations of the world are experiencing an evolution (progress) without end.
It was therefore decided that the format had to give to women around the world the key-role as Ambassador of progress in respecting the culture, traditions and religion of each.

MISS INTERNATIONAL PROGRESS is thus the evolution of the classic beauty contest that usually rewards only the appearance of a girl.
The same event's title refers to the concept of progress which must be tied to values that are important and indispensable, and for this reason, each participant is required to complete, in addition to the classic application form admission to be returned with datas, curriculum vitae and ambitions, the form in which to describe their ideas and their projects dedicated to:

- Integration of cultures
- Environment
- Health
- Human Rights

For each topic a winner idea will be chosen to be promoted by the media and brought to the attention of the world and the creator will be assigned a sash and a prize.
During the course of the final, Miss Progress contestants will be honored for their beauty, kindness and photogenic and can ask the attention of many representatives of the entertainment world that will be invited as jurors.
The end result will be a perfect mix between a classic beauty contest and an event that can transmit important social contents in a “light” form, ideal for catching the attention of the entire planet

The first edition of the competition will be held in Italy, universally recognized as the cradle of civilization and unique treasure of architectural beauty but, because the format is easily adapted also to the features and missions of foreign institutions and companies that wish to promote themselves in an original and effective way, The Organizing Committee will consider applications from other countries wishing to host the event, whose slogan is BEAUTIES WITH A GOAL