MiSS V Inc. is a professional branding agency that works with many individual clients and companies to enhance their public image. Clients have included stars and models, as well as many different companies. The company is owned and operated by Michelle Vieyra (aka MiSS V), who has made a career out of seeing the potential in people and using her resources to turn that potential into a reality. By combining her knowledge of the entertainment industry with her background in business management, marketing management and accounting, MiSS V gets her company and clients noticed for all the right reasons.

MiSS V INC provides the following services to creative business and individuals: Digital Marketing, Traditional Marketing, Strategic Brand Development, Strategic Branding and Visibility, Strategic Brand Management, Brand Integration, Consulting, Content Development and Distribution, Product Placement, PR, Custom Programs and Events, Opinion Leader Outreach, to Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Music, Entertainment and non-profit entities. MiSS V INV is passionate about creating a brand that is original and stands out amongst the rest for those they represent. MISS V INC goes above and beyond to represent and rebrand in a way that is new and outside of the box.