Outdoor cooling by misting system in india. mist line in india. mist fans in india. fogging now available by Pune, India base company. ( Near Mumbai, India)
MistnCool , Pune, India mob : 09823900386, email : mistncool@yahoo.com
         Very useful for Outdoor cooling, This is achieved by using Misting system, Mist fans, Fogging. Best option when you can’t use Air Conditioners in open area.( It is not a spraying or sprinkling.) India
        We MistnCool, Pune based company can beautify  outdoor area making them more comfortable with the help of misting. Mumbai  MistnCool outdoor cooling system works on simple principal of air passing through fine particles of water and evaporating it India This is done by pressurizing water and forcing it through small orifices of a mist nozzle to create very fine water droplets in micron size. India As the mist evaporates; it takes heat from air and produces a cooling effect. Cooling through misting and mist fans works wonderful in Pune because of dry atmosphere in Pune. Mumbai Properly installed mist system create a curtain of mist around open-air sides of your patio, awning sheds. Pune
       You can now enjoy with your dearones in your outdoor areas or open air restaurants where misting is installed. Mumbai Guests won’t suffer in hot summer and can enjoy in a cool atmosphere with our mist line and misting fans. India
      Misting is very useful in beautifying and cooling landscape, backyard into comfortable one Mumbai From our Portable Misting designs to our misting fans, we can solve your cooling needs. India for Open air restaurants, Pool side area, Industries, Commercial complex and Residential complex, Agricultural, Dairy, Playgrounds, , Greenhouse, Warehouse, Plant or Factory, Wineries, in Paper production and Textile mills in India.
       MistnCool misting is perfect solution where lot of dust is generated. Pune  Mist attracts, suppress and remove dust particles. Mumbai These dust particles then settle on ground from the air.       Hot summer is threat to Livestock, your Pets, Poultry, Kennels at risk of heat stroke. Use Misting lines or misting fans at such locations where high temperatures can cause health problems to animals. It’s a good option to expensive air conditioning. Keep animals safe with our installed misting systems or Misting fans. For this reason it is again very useful in Horse Stables and Zoos in India
Now you can call me or mail me at any time if you have any problem related to different areas mentioned above. I am in  Pune.  ( very close city to Mumbai )
MistnCool,  Pune = Mob: 09823900386 , email: mistncool@yahoo.com