Mitch Williams is an international award winning magician and inspirational speaker who offers customized entertainment, educational, and self improvement programs which are guaranteed to amaze, amuse, and inspire.

He has won several national and international performing awards, is considered an expert at sleight of hand, and is also an accomplished artist, athlete, and authority on creativity, peak performance, and human potential. He brings this wide variety of talents, skills, and expertise to his work, making his programs among the most original and innovative in his field.

Mitch's corporate clients include such notable companies as:

   Merrill Lynch
   Nissan Motors
   Morgan Stanley
   Hallmark Cards
   RLI Corp.
   Horace Mann
   Dean Witter Reynolds
   Kraft Foods
   and many, many more.

Mitch has been featured on the same bill with such notable celebrities as Doug Henning, Penn & Teller, Lance Burton, Elaine Booslier, Rosie O'Donnell, Marty Allen, Jeff Dunham, and Dennis Miller. And he has also performed in Japan, Spain, Holland, Canada, and Mexico, and has appeared on television programs on Fuji-TV and NHK-TV in Japan and on the series, Aixo es Massa, on TV3 in Spain. Mitch brings his extensive international experience to each program he presents, ensuring his clients get the best in top notch entertainment.

As a speaker, trainer, and consultant, Mitch has presented at venues throughout the United States, conducting a variety of lectures, seminars, and in depth workshops. Mitch brings to his various educational and self improvement programs expertise as an extremely competent teacher in a variety of areas.

He calls on insights from his extensive background in such diverse fields of study as: art (he is an accomplished graphic artist and painter); the martial arts (he holds a fourth degree black belt in Judo and has experience in Aikido, Ju Jutsu, Karate, and Tai Chi): as well as his ongoing studies in psychology, peak performance, human potentials, philosophy, science, creativity, and movement technique.