M-itect provides a variety of mobile solutions for retailers, restaurants, and other businesses, large or small. Utilizing mobile technology and SMS (text messaging), M-itect is providing its clients direct access to customers through its services, which are being used to increase brand awareness, generate and maintain customer opt-in databases, and drive attendance to specific events and locations.

M-itect mobile marketing services are being provided for restaurants and retailers, political campaigns, small businesses, teachers/schools and educators, party promoters, mobile fan clubs.

A unique application that has gained in popularity is the feature for offices to send out text reminders of appointments to their customers and/or patients - an excellent use of mobile technology for service-oriented businesses like doctor’s offices, spas, and salons.

To set up a meeting to learn more or demo the mobile solutions, please visit our website at www.m-itect.com, email support@m-itect.com or call 570-906-0962.