Mithra Media Limited is Mobile and Touch Media company, enabling its customers to  reach their addressable customers directly and interactivity through innovative multi-channel, media-rich information and advertisement distribution solutions.

Mithra Media offer following products and services  to its customers:

1. Mobile App development, Mithra Media develops tailor made both Android and iPhone application.
3. Interactive digital publication, though our Epubware.com, interactive digital publication platform, Mithra media enables its customer to create digital publications.
3. Touch Display's up to 200'' with complete UI design services, multi touch software and after sales services.
4. Living Surface, touch animation system.

Founded in 2010, Mithra Media has emerged as a leader in strategic Mobile, Touch and Social media and marketing solutions that drive qualified customers to the brands. It's a place where technology is driven by creativity and the free exchange of ideas. Where creativity is balanced by a rigorous ethic of testing and analysis. And talented people of high integrity like to come to work each day.

Mithra Media Limited