MitraStar Technology was established in Jan. 2011, a 100% owned subsidiary of Unizyx Holding Corporation and is located at the Science Park in Hsin-chu, Taiwan R.O.C. MitraStar, with its core competency on technology and product design innovation, keeps its focus on product development of wired and wireless broadband networking, next-generation Network, digital home multimedia and smart life applications. Our major businesses include DMS, Design, Manufacturing and Service. According to our customers’ demands, we provide product design, mass production, logistic management and technical support.

MitraStar’s robust product line covers many fields, including wireless broadband CPE, wired broadband CPE, broadband COE, fiber communication, digital home network and multimedia applications. We have also stepped into Next-generation Network (Internet of Things). This technology includes DSL, PON, Wi-Fi, WiMAX, and LTE in communication, and Routing, Switching, QoS, Security and Network Management in networking. Regarding the rapid evolutionary trend of network and digital convergence, MitraStar is committed to providing high-quality products that fulfill the vision of “Smart living through a better connected world.”

MitraStar is experienced in product research and development. Not only having strong technical capabilities, we are also proactive in phase with industrial and technical developmental trends. By realizing our customers’ expectations, we work towards advanced technology and new products ahead of time to accelerate the product- leading position of our customers. For many years, team members’ corporations with first-tier talent have accumulated abundant knowledge and experience on ODM/OEM R&D and high-quality manufacturing know-how. Based on such a solid background, MitraStar continues to promote its capabilities both in R&D and product manufacturing.

With a customer-oriented, innovative, striving for excellence and value creation in mind as our philosophy, MitraStar promises to deliver services to customers in a professional and enthusiastic manner. At the same time, MitraStar will sustain its innovative corporation and most value-added products and solutions. With a Win-Win goal in mind, MitraStar wants to be in alliance with its customers in reaching maximum business success.