Vero Beach, Fla., Jan. 12, 2016 – MIVNET Connect, a cloud-based, high definition multipoint video collaboration solution from MIVNET, is taking advantage of new technology to empower attorneys with new, affordable video-conferencing capabilities ideally suited to video depositions.

Although free video collaboration options exist in the market, MIVNET Connect differentiates itself by deploying advanced features and a “best seat in the room” user interface, unlike most “Brady Bunch” or “Hollywood Squares” consumer offerings.  MIVNET Connect is powered by Viewme, which connects PCs running Windows, Mac and Linux to mobile devices running Android and iOS and video conferencing rooms running H.323, SIP or Cisco’s TIP telepresence.

Features include, but are not limited to dynamic display of multiple video images, concurrent desktop sharing, detachable tiles, streaming services, high resolution and zooming for all received video, multiple simultaneous camera support, self healing and self optimizing cloud fabric for uninterrupted/continuously high quality, connections to any bridge, and whisper (Aparté) conferencing.

Most successful litigators know that video depositions are much more powerful and persuasive than audio transcripts. However, their quality typically depended on many factors, such as the prowess of the videographer, the kind of camera, positioning, backdrop, microphone and more. The team at MIVNET is addressing many of these issues by using new technology and “the cloud” to provide easy access to unlimited collaborative video services ideally suited to depositions.

In addition to robust video, MIVNET Connect allows every attendee to view and share multiple desktops at once. It can even merge the main deposition video with an array of input devices, such as laptops and tablets, which attorneys can use to share notes, show evidence, and more.  

“Many of us believe that video depositions are far more convincing than written transcripts, printed documents, or exhibited evidence. But why choose? Using the multi-input capabilities of MIVNET Connect running on mobile devices through the cloud, all of these elements can now be easily streamed together at the same time within the same deposition,” said MIVNET managing director Mark Levy. “We give attorneys the ability to interact live with the deponent, with all of the resources at their disposal, so the witness can articulate through the evidence as it’s presented to them. MIVNET Connect makes electronic evidence that’s more interactive a reality.”

MIVNET also includes free, fully trained, “rapid response” customer support, a fully protected connection environment, access to a global videoconference marketplace and Earth Search, a geo-positioning feature that picks the right meeting space for customers in the marketplace. MIVNET helps businesses to transform conference room environments into revenue-generating profit centers.

As a special welcome offer, all new "Promote and Connect" annual subscriptions pre-paid before the end of January will get a bonus month at no extra charge. (That's a $975 value for only $499). Sign up now at www.mivnet.com/pricing.

Metropolitan Interactive Videoconferencing Network (MIVNET) offers a next generation cloud-based video collaboration suite combined with the world’s largest and fastest growing global directory of fully equipped, business class meeting venues available for rent. More information about the company can be found online at www.mivnet.com.  

For further information:
Mark Levy, managing director, Metropolitan Interactive Videoconference Network, 1-772-257-3357, 1-800-464-8638, info@mivnet.com.