Mixcrate is a music distribution platform that enables DJ artists and their fans to discover and share mixsets for the purpose of promoting DJs and their mixes.

Based out of the San Francisco Bay Area, Mixcrate was created by like minded DJs and friends who wanted to share their mixes and create a single source to discover, share and explore DJ mixes from around the world. Our DJ mixtape sharing community enables music listeners, club promoters, radio stations and event organizers to discover new DJs and track their favorite DJs. DJs seeking to demonstrate their mixing skills will find Mixcrate as an invaluable promotional tool.

We believe a mix set is an art form and should be shared and enjoyed by everyone. We hope that you feel inspired to join our community.

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Discovering, sharing and exploring mixes is a service open to all users on Mixcrate. However, there are many benefits of becoming a registered user on Mixcrate.

Registering as a user allows DJs and fans to download, upload and release mixsets to our platform for free. Not only do you get unlimited storage on our servers, you also can interact with our community by rating and commenting on mixes you find interesting.

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