Freshen up your fundraiser with style and sustainability with Mixed Bag Designs. The colorful catalog offers a wide variety of eye-catching products including reusable grocery bags and totes. We love helping organizations achieve their fundraising goals and believe the key to a successful fundraiser is offering a versatile and attractive product that gets people excited about supporting your cause! That's why we design each item with fun patterns that brighten up your day. We make ordinary items extraordinary, adding a touch of style to your everyday errands.

Our company started in 2008, and now, over four years later and hundreds of adorable and affordable items, Mixed Bag Designs has helped thousands of organizations across the country meet their fundraising goals for important causes while spreading colorful style.

Successful fundraisers are the product of a collaborative effort, and our team works with you to create a fun and profitable experience that’s easy to manage from start to finish. After all, it’s your success stories that inspire us to work harder each season to provide fresh, fun and affordable designs that will increase your profits for the next fundraiser.

Make your next fundraiser stylish, sustainable and successful with Mixed Bag Designs.