MIxonian Institute is the place for fun, accelerated learning and team building to achieve far more of your employees' incredible potential with confidence, clarity and ease. It's about turbo-charging the team's speaking and thinking skills for ENGAGEMENT, PERFORMANCE and PRODUCTIVITY!

The 2012 Towers Water research study study confirms that financial performance and effective communication are strongly related: Companies that are highly effective at communication are 1.7 times more likely to outperform their peers.

According to researchers Cathy N. Davidson and David Theo Goldberg in "The Future of Learning Institutions in a Digital Age," the learning experience has been transformed. Mixonian Institute exists because of that change. It used to be that only the elites had access to leadership communication and executive coaching, but now it's needed at all levels of the organization.

Training with Mixonian Institute gives your employees that competitive edge through increased engagement, performance and productivity. And our programs are never cookie-cutter, full of hokey jargon or corporate speak. Training through Mixonian Institute delivers heavy doses of creative energy, authentic realism and is backed by credible research.

Skills we teach:

Confident presentations
Personal Impact
Effective Email
Fun and effective meetings
Executive presence
Keynote speaking
Exceptional verbal communication
Focused messages
Optimize use of time and energy
Best communication practices
Building trust
Keys to engagement at work
Small Talk toolbox
Goal setting
Confident communication
Charismatic leadership