Goodie Children Foundation believes we can change the world by investing in children one child at a time.  Our goal is to help children with programs and services that meet basic needs, enhance their self-esteem and raise their mental and physical levels in a meaningful, lasting way. What motivates us to new levels of effectiveness is not any single initiative, but rather to deliberately focus on numerous initiatives that affect a child’s well-being.  Through our literature and community-focused efforts in the areas of bullying, obesity, literacy, autism and cancer, our team travels throughout the communities we serve to reach children who are sometimes forgotten and/or afraid to express their inner thoughts associated with these issues.  These one-on-one sessions allows children to open up and communicate directly with a caring and understanding individual.

In our exquisitely illustrated book “Mizz Goodie 2 Shoez" and friends characters, developed from her love of fashion and shoes, create a fun new way to teach children values, hope, courage, and the importance of honor and self-esteem. Cartoon character entertainment is an effective source for children to learn about social and health issues while having a positive impact on them today and in the future.

Parents, siblings, grandparents, teachers and caregivers rave about the learning experience and easy use of these enjoyable books and eBooks.  Children quickly grasp the concepts of the characters and apply those lessons to their own environment and personal experiences. The book teaches children no matter what ethnicity, shape, size, or height you should not be discriminated against.​