Specializing in filmmaking and Media production, from weddings and events to corporate and actor's headshots, MJB Home Entertainment is a full service media production company.

Back when Martin Bentsen was a graduating senior from high school in Lakewood, Colorado, he had no idea what he would become or where his interest in film would take him. He had only just begun to learn about the details and intricacies involved in filmmaking: the huge amount of work required to create and write a film from beginning to end, the depths to which one must go to capture the right moment in an actor's performance, and the persistence one needs to continuously reedit a scene until it is the best it can possibly be. Not to mention the tenacity and perseverance it takes to find and build a film's audience.

Upon entering NYU's Maurice Kanbar's Institute of Film and Television, Martin slowly began acquiring this knowledge, and a better sense of direction appeared in his life. He realized that he needed to create his own production company, something that could generate enough income to support his filmmaking ambitions. And so he started MJB Home Entertainment, LLC.

Martin Bentsen has teamed up Ben Fillion to run a successful media business in New York City.