Project NatureConnect empowers any clear thinking person who recognizes our excessive nature-disconnection problem. It helps them reverse their and our disorders by learning, using and teaching the restorative and substance-free process of Educating, Counseling and Healing with Nature (ECHN). Backyard or backcountry, ECHN enables caring individuals to beneficially enlist the assistance of nature's self-correcting and balancing powers rather than continue to unreasonably disconnect from or conquer them. To this end, PNC provides online courses, degrees and financial support. They may be added to any discipline or profession. You may, online, attain a certificate or degree for adding the organic application of nature-connecting psychology (Ecopsychology) to your livelihood or hobby. In Industrial Society, on average, less than twelve hours of our entire lifetime is spent building relationships while we are in tune with the sensory wisdom of nature's balance and beauty. Many studies demonstrate that we suffer our troubles because, during 99.9% of our life, our thoughts and feelings are disconnected from nature's self-correcting ways and purity. We usually suffer from natural sensory deprivation. It prevents us from fully making sense. We render ourselves unable to think like nature's balanced perfection works even though we inherit this perfection at birth. Educating, counseling and healing with nature helps you remedy this problem. Learn and Teach Nature's Path to Earth and Us in Peaceful Well-Being: July 1, 2009: This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature (ECHN) a UNESCO approved, online, holistic art and science developed by Michael J. Cohen, Ph.D. at the Institute of Global Education, a United Nations consultant organization. ECHN is a significant restorative breakthrough. It helps us increase well-being by regenerating 53 natural senses that we often ignore. Their wellness enables us to think with nature's balance and beauty as it nurtures us.  To our loss, we usually learn to hurt and subdue these natural 53 senses. This deficit underlies our most challenging disorders. Because ECHN applies the empirical science of Natural Attraction Ecology, it provides us with a lasting remedy for personal, social and environmental disorders. It is learned through accredited courses, degree programs and jobs from Project NatureConnect in conjunction with cooperating universities. By giving us the sensory means to create moments that let Earth teach, ECHN genuinely connects us with Earth's renewing energies and spirit, in and around us. This strengthens and enriches our contemporary psyche. It helps us think with the grace of nature's self-correcting ways. ECHN is a quantum leap to supporting and strengthening nature's healing abilities in and around us. It empowers our natural senses to recycle the pollutants in our mind that bond us to our destructive relationships and prevent positive change. Engaging in ECHN is like forever taking a powerful, spiritually renewing walk in the park. Through it, we transform our disorders into the rewards of clear thinking, wellness and peaceful balance. ECHN may be added to any discipline or profession. Special anniversary grants are available to new faculty or training applicants in the ECHN of Natural Attraction Ecology (NAE).