At M&J Dog Essentials, we take a holistic approach to dog skin and coat care, carefully designing products that benefit the whole dog—body, mind and spirit.

Our mission is to enhance both the physical and emotional well-being of our canine clients. We use only natural-based products that are infused with therapeutic oils, herbal extracts from all over the world and custom-made flower essence blends.

Treat Them Well - M&J Dog Essentials crafted a line of grooming products for dogs because tending to your dog should be a treat, not a chore.

Start your dog grooming session with a massage of Nutrient Fusion before his bath and you will see a remarkable change in your dog—watch as they relax under the calming blanket of our essential oils and dog-favored scents. Imagine running water for his Purely Clean bath and seeing a gently wagging tail. What started as a tedious necessity is now a special treat for you both.

In between baths, eliminate dirty dog odors and add a silky sheen to his coat with Show Dog Shine or a soothing herbal rinse. All of M&J products are specifically crafted to stimulate the very best in physical and emotional wellness for your pet.

Say good-bye to long, expensive grooming sessions, overpriced boutique spas and cloyingly scented products.  And say hello to M&J.

Go Green! - At M&J Dog Essentials, we strive to preserve our environment with as much passion and forethought as we have for our beloved canine pals.  From manufacturing our grooming essentials in the USA to using human-grade ingredients from eco-responsible companies to packaging our products in reusable or recycled materials, M&J brings you the highest quality products because we know you expect nothing less for your dog.

We make every effort to leave the smallest carbon footprint we can while creating eco-friendly and effective grooming products and wanted to tell you how we do it in a little more detail.

In order to conserve non-renewable resources and energy, M&J Dog Essentials uses PCR (Post Consumer Regrind) plastic in our bottles. PCR is created after sorting recycled materials from commercial and residential recycling programs.  The usable materials are then separated, washed and then reprocessed into post-consumer resin.  Only the materials that meet strictest quality standards are used.  During production, the company who manufactures M&J’s PCR bottles strives to minimize their impact on the environment by using low-energy technologies and implementing responsible environmental policies.

To lessen our impact even further, our retail displays for M&J Dog Essentials are both reusable and were originally created using post-industrial recycled wood.  Even our canvas shopping bags and jute gift totes are reusable and eco-friendly!

With every purchase comes the guarantee of our combined expertise as licensed estheticians and an herbalist, 15 years of tested and true botanical combinations, and undeniable evidence of our sincere devotion to the best possible care for our dog friends- the rave-worthy products that promote the utmost in physical and emotional wellness for your pet. Each and every one of our Essential products is PH-balanced for dogs, uses natural-based formulas with organic ingredients (when possible).  No synthetic fragrances, sulfates, parabens, DEA, TEA or any other potentially harmful ingredients are used in M&J holistic grooming products- ever.

The M&J Story - Mother/daughter team Mary Louise and Hannah Shenk had both become licensed estheticians when it occurred to them that their passion for creating original home products was aimed at an entirely different clientele—their dogs.

Honing their experience and Mary Louise’s 15 years of study as she pursued her passion for herbalism, the duo began experimenting on home grooming products for dogs.  After months of tireless research and safe testing, the founders of M&J Dog Essentials discovered that their great smelling, all-natural bottles did more than just clean and perfect their dogs’ coats. The pre-bath rub, shampoo and conditioner and between-baths serum (not to mention all the new products since then!), chock-full of holistic treatments and infusions, resulted in two very happy, healthy and well-balanced canine consultants. Woman’s best friend was the picture of perfection, inside and out.

M&J Dog Essentials is based in Chicago. All of our essential dog grooming products are made with love in the USA and contain all-natural ingredients and fragrances that are free of sulfates, parabens and other potentially harmful chemicals. Find M&J Dog Essentials online and through discerning retailers.