MJM Innovations improves transportation, senior & aging services, and other programs with transaction tracking software and outsourced management services. We can tailor our software solutions to your needs. We’re unique (and effective) because we combine card technology with full-featured transaction management software and our program management expertise.

Founded in 1998 by Jeffrey Venick and Michael Stappler, we’re based in Baltimore, MD and serve state and local government agencies in addition to corporate clients nationwide.

Meet the challenges of shrinking budgets, rising costs and strict reporting requirements with MJM’s transportation software and management services, including fare management software, cashless payment systems for taxis, driver pay cards for tranportation fleets, stored value cards for employee and contractor payroll and gift cards, and voucher scan software to eliminate cumbersome paperwork. A few benefits of using our software include: real time transaction and fare tracking, paperless fare collection, reduce error, misuse and fraud, electronically collect all your data and easily report in formats that regulators require.

You exist to help the elderly, but much of your time, as well as valuable resources, is devoted to repetitive data entry, applications for grants and other funding, and detailed reports for regulators and decision makers. How can you provide stakeholders with the assurances they need, while still saving money and labor for direct client service?
Our senior center and aging software will help you track participants activities with swipe card technology. Our outsourcedsenior center and congregate site management services will help you gain control of costs and reporting.

- Easy to use swipe cards to track all participant activities
- Powerful web-based software to give you the information you need to make decisions
- Customized solutions for defined issues
- Electronically collect all your data and easily report in formats that regulators require