Expose Google Page 1 Myth.

SEO expert opinion says that new websites cannot get a page one Google listing in less than 3 - 6 months. Business entrepeneur disproves this Google myth and demonstrates how a new website can get a natural page 1 listing within 2 weeks.

The Page 1 Google Myth!
Don't believe what the experts tell you about new websites not having any chance of being listed on Page One of Google for several months, it's not true.
Entrepreneur Mike Stephens was spending 50,000 a year on Google Pay Per Click advertising but felt this was excessive so he decided to learn how to get his website on the first page of Google for Free, and within 3 months he was at the top of Page One. He stopped paying the advertising bill and promptly sold the business to concentrate on his new found skill, SEO Search Engine Optimisation. He built a second website and within 2 weeks it appeared on page one of Google, proving he had sorted the algorithm, and disproving the Google myth!
"I don't break any Google rules, this is just creative flair and long hours of hard work" said Stephens, who has gone on to provide a 100% success record with page 1 listings on Google. His new company seoDynamics.co.uk offers a unique service providing a guaranteed listing on Page 1 of Google before a client pays for the service. "Many experts charge thousands of pounds for search engine optimisation, without any guarantee of success, but we put our money where our mouth is" said Stephens, "in normal business transactions you wouldn't expect to pay for a service until it had been delivered, and we are no different, you only pay us after we get your website on to page 1 of Google".

Mike Stephens
seoDynamics Ltd
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seoDynamics is based at the Technopole Building in Portsmouth and provides the only global Search Engine Optimisation service guaranteeing a natural listing on page 1 of Google without payment until the page 1 listing is achieved.

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