For 85 years Phillips 66 Aviation has been providing high-quality jet fuel, avgas and innovative aviation services. It is the nation's largest branded aviation network, with more than 866 Fixed Base Operations coast-to-coast.

Since 1927, pilots have relied on Phillips 66 for fuel they can trust and services to keep them in the air.

Our track record includes many historic innovations. For instance, we established one of the first corporate flight departments. We pioneered high-altitude fuels. We developed the first anti-icing additive for jet fuel. During WWII, Phillips developed 100-octane fuel to increase power and efficiency for long-range flight. Other technology improvements followed, including the controllable-pitch propeller, the first refueling truck, and the drag chute.

Ingenuity and innovation were the foundation of our past, and they signal a bright future. Phillips 66 Aviation continues as a leader in the industry, providing smart programs and quality fuel for the flying public and our network of FBOs. Phillips 66 is always interested in finding new FBOs that want to join our tradition of excellence. Together we can provide pilots with high-quality fuel and innovative aviation services to fly into the future.