Sustainable Sourcing, LLC was born from founder Melissa Kushi’s determination to integrate her values and beliefs in sustainability, with her experience sourcing organic products from the world’s most remote and pristine regions. As a result, Sustainable Sourcing makes the purest artisan natural products that put health, well being, and the environment first.

“At Sustainable Sourcing, celebrating biodiversity and world culture combined with caring for the environment is part of our founding mission, and inherent to how we source and make our products,” says Kushi.  “By providing consumers with products that support the values of sustainability, we are creating a powerful vehicle that helps to preserve and restore the beauty and abundance of our living earth.”
Sustainable Sourcing offers ethically sourced, artisan harvested natural products from the world’s most remote, pristine lands. Today, Sustainable Sourcing is the leading manufacturer of a complete line of pink Himalayan sea salt products, HimalaSalt™, and Sustainable Sourcing Organics™, a distinctive line of organic peppercorns, spices, and artisan salt blends, including 100% zero-landfill gift sets, made from wood certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.
All Sustainable Sourcing products are Green-e Certified through the Bonneville Environmental Foundation, as a result of the company’s commitment to being 100% Carbon Neutral. Sustainable Sourcing offsets 100% of its operations with clean wind and solar energy, while delivering products that are artisan crafted with the purest ingredients from nature. All Sustainable Sourcing products are 100% natural, certified organic through QAI, and Kosher or Kosher Passover through Organized Kashrush. Its eco-friendly packaging leaves the smallest footprint possible, being either 100% recycled, recyclable, refillable, and reusable. In addition, 5% of profits go to the environment.

Sustainable Sourcing’s products are available through natural and specialty gourmet retail stores nationwide, and its website www.sustainablesourcing.com.