Founded in 2003, Management Master was created by professionals as a resource platform for professional independent Contractors.  Over 45 combined years in the  consulting business, backed by as many prior and concurrent years of extensive
marketing and sales experience.  

Our staff of independent contractors covers a broad spectrum of business issues. Regardless of your project, startup, market identification, or restructuring to restore the bottom line, Management Master can turn talk into results.

This compact, project driven, team has impeccable references and, consequently, quite a full plate.  The Marketing and Sales Units have worked  through a diverse array of markets, and we always answer "I can help you".

*Although since beginning international projects, Management Master has always maintained and offered security services.  The state of the world today has exhausted our resources. The demand is staggering and we have no interest in diluting the unit with expansion. The Security Unit has a minimum waiting list of thirty six months.

Management Master S de RL de CV is a duplicate of of the U.S. company operating in the Republic of Mexico, and is wholly owned by MMLLC.US.
Www.travelmaster.us is an in house  consumer website  offering an online Travel Agency.