MMOBro is a dual purpose MMO gaming website:

First, we update our blog weekly with in depth discussion on what's going on in the MMO and MMORPG world. We strive for blog posts that hit that sweet spot for length (not so long you wonder when it will end, but not so short there's no substance). Posts come from people who have been playing MMOs since the early days of Meridian 59 so there's going to be a wealth of history and knowledge.

Second, we host a listing of MMOs that we review from time to time. The reviews are to the point and highlighted by some pros and cons to help decide what game might be best for our readers. We also categorize MMO games by popular categories such as free to play, fantasy, sci-fi, action, hack and slash, browser etc.

Our website is open to all and we really do invite discussion. If it sounds like the type of place you want to see in the MMO world, give us a try. We're new and really appreciate the encouragement!