M & Z Technology Services is a professional IT products/services provider. The company was established in Dubai on 2013 as an extension of the existing business in Egypt.

Our offerings include Modeling & Simulation solutions, harsh environment Mesh Networks, High Performance Computing services and Managed Security Services.

Moreover we are offering consultancy services in  ERP, Digital infrastructure, mobility, Data Centers, RFID and IT- Governance.

We have on board with us a group of executive consultants along with our business partners like VT-MAK, Mesh Dynamics, Above Security and Bright Skies.

Our offered services are covering a broad spectrum of clients in diversity of businesses, nevertheless we are working on a customer centric concept i.e. depending on our client's needs we offer the most appropriate solution.

For our "Defense" clients we offer our Modeling & Simulation solutions and harsh environment Mesh Networks.

Modeling and Simulation was born in the defense industry, growing and maturing into an integral element of the defense life cycle. For over two decades, our business partner VT MÄK has been helping defense customers leverage their networking, simulation, visualization, and terrain technologies to build and deliver simulation systems. MÄK’s suite of products, partner products, and custom developed solutions have been used to integrate the US defense systems, visualize mission planning for flight simulators, analyze data for review and prototype defense vehicles and systems.

As for the Mesh Networks, warfare is moving towards an information age paradigm based on information sharing, situational awareness, and distributed points of intelligence, command and control. A widely-networked fighting force is better able to share information about tactical situations that may be geographically widespread, asymmetric, and rapidly changing. Our business partner, Mesh Dynamics, has the ideal solution based on military grade devices and 3rd generation multi-hop structure.

For "Oil & Gas" we offer Modeling & Simulation, harsh environment Mesh Networks, security and mobility solutions.

Why simulate? Because you can learn and gain insight into problems that are too difficult, expensive, or risky, to explore any other way. Some examples are clear, with an obvious value proposition.  You need such tools to train the crane worker on handling different weather conditions and the offshore rig workers to deal with difficult situation and so forth. For these high value applications Modeling & Simulation has been the answer for decades.

Moving to networking, working in Oil & Gas fields required long distance connectivity for voice, location tracking, and video process monitoring. Because the headquarters is some distance from the main entry to the field, multiple hops are needed both outside and inside the field. Mesh Dynamics' military grade devices is the ideal infrastructure for such setup with its military grade device and 3rd generation multi-hop structure.

We also have great experience in ATEX compliant devices for mobile applications utilized in field services. As for data security, we offer, in cooperation with our business partner Above Security,  state of the art MSS solution to to guarantee 24/7/365 protection for the internal resources with almost zero burden on the company's IT staff.

For "Security & Public Safety Authorities/Firms"  we primarily offer Modeling & Simulation and harsh environment Mesh Networks.

The need for simulation and training in this domain is self evident. The budgetary constraints are daunting for many agencies. The cost-effective solutions that our business partner VT MÄK has developed for the defense community can provide immediate benefits to homeland security, emergency response, and public safety agencies.

- First Responder Training
- Emergency Response Planning
- Perimeter Monitoring/Security
- Human Behavior Studies

For the networking part, border and perimeter security environments demand high performance over extended distances for date, voice and surveillance and tactical video. In most cases, wired or fiber connectivity is unavailable, so the network must be delivered wireless over many hops (node to node connections). MeshDynamics' patented and patent pending third-generation wireless mesh architecture delivers bandwidth with minimal delay and jitter over many hops.

Last, but certainly not least,  our "Corporate level" clients e.g. Banks, FMCG companies, Telco Operators and others, we offer a very strong services portfolio including, but not limited to, the following;
-Managed Security Services in cooperation with Above Security (The worldwide leading company in MSS)
- HPC Consultancy and deployment services in cooperation with Bright Skies Co.
- ERP Consultancy and deployment teams
- RFID consultancy and commissioning services
- Supply Chain automation consultancy
- IT Governance consultancy