It’s all about communication, reputation, generation and product placement.

When it comes to tapping into the power of the media, Public Relations is a potent business partner. PR gives your company a clear voice that can be heard above the background chatter.

At Mobas PR we work closely with our clients in Cambridge and the South East to reach targeted media sectors across the UK. By initiating ideas, generating opportunities, building relationships and delivering key messages, we are committed to raising brand awareness and product recognition through media exposure.

An undeniable asset for Mobas PR is that it also integrates seamlessly with the Mobas marketing, digital, design, creative and branding teams to maximise the impact of client campaigns. This invariably gives Mobas’ clients the competitive edge and enables us to communicate with a wider audience by connecting you with your established and potential customer base for long-term business success.

Plug into the power of PR with services that can provide:

•Identification of campaign objectives, target markets and key messages
•Professional press release writing, distribution and media liaison
•Research and targeting of media lists and editorial opportunities
•Event support including creation of press pack materials
•Account management and monthly reporting of PR activity
•Coverage monitoring and evaluation, both quantitative and qualitative