Mobida2, The Search Engine Marketing, is one of the leading and most experienced search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), pay-for-performance marketing, pay-per-click management and e-commerce consulting firms. A privately held company, we were founded in 2004 and are currently based Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Since our inception, we have assisted both national and international clients achieve stellar Internet marketing success.
Mobida2 consistently increases qualified Web site traffic for hundreds of Fortune companies and small businesses worldwide. We serve clients throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and the Middle East, but we are particularly entrenched in the Malaysia. market. Across the globe, the exceptionally high client-retention rates our company sustains are a point of pride with us.
With a team of Google Adwords Professionals, and other highly experienced Internet marketing professionals on our side, we have been able to fulfill the mobida2 vision wholly and swiftly. We look forward to providing the same results for your business    
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Successful pay-per-click campaigns offer amazing returns and brand-building opportunities.
But every campaign needs to be managed and this takes a lot of time. Bid wars get very heated, bid gaps can appear many times in just one day. Do you want to risk overpayment or loss of listings? Or do you want to let the experts to bid on your behalf? Do you want to get frustrated over fragmented billing? Or do you want experts to handle that for you too? Do you have time to handle thousands of keywords across multiple search providers?

If you're too busy to monitor your campaigns, you really need PPC management
What's the Point?
mobida2's pay per click management service ensures that your campaigns are targeted, affordable, and accountable, building brand presence and generating leads at a competitive ROI. We make sure your bids are strategic and the return is monitored on a 24/7 basis.
We get your campaign rolling on Google, Yahoo!, Miva, MSN, Qualigo, - the heavyweight suppliers in this marketplace. Our contacts and influence combine efficiently with our expert knowledge and experience.
The Costs
We charge an affordable monthly pay per click management fee; and it's not tied to your monthly spend. In short, we don't gain from ramping up your monthly expenditure: everyone's a winner - except your competition that is. We've years of experience at outmaneuvering our clients competitors in the Pay Per Click arena. The pay per click management service keeps everything in check, the overall spend is normally less than an independently managed unmonitored account would cost. Everyone's a winner, except your competition that is. We have years of experience at outmaneuvering pay-per-click bids from our clients' competitors.
It really makes sense: you get on with what you do best, and we get on with bringing you valuable leads through the search engines.
So if you are a valued brand, requiring the domination of the online marketplace that you deserve, give us a call.
mobida2 – intelligent pay per click management