Webprogr is in the IT business for 13 years and had diversified to design and develop mobile apps for educational, entertainment and sports purposes.  We have recently launched on https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.webprogr.chessrajaWWA&hl=en at Google Playstore Chess Raja Winning 18-13.  App is mobile phone app of all the matches played between Anand and Carlson.  

83 matches were played by them against each other which include World Chess Championship Tournament held in Sochi, Russia.  Carlson had retained his crown.  Overall of 83 matches played, Anand had won 18 matches and Carlson had won 13 matches.  Chess Raja Winning 18-13 displays all these 83 matches move by move with many inbuilt facilities like auto speed movement, slow movement, connecting with an engine to analyze the game at leisure time.  The viewer too can play the game with any one of them.  Tags:  Chess, Grandmaster, Player, Game, Sport, Champion.