In today's technology-driven world, it has become a burden to have to send letters and photos the traditional way. Everything is so digitalized. But not every receiver will have the capability to receive special moments over a digital medium. Take for example, the men and women who are deployed in the military or even the people incarcerated. Technology is restricted in those fields for when it cones to what exactly they may receive. Mobile Mail bridges the gap. We understand that sometimes people live very busy and fast-aced lives, and it is way easier for them to do it all on their smart devices. Mobile Mail allows users to use their phones or tablets or even desktop computers to send letters, photos, customized  postcards as well as money orders to loved ones who are either in the military or incarcerated, By downloading the mobile app on iOs or Android platforms, they can choose their requested service, upload photos from their phones or social media accounts . They also have the capability to download legal documents and e-sign them on their devices. Money orders can be sent as well as personalized postcards. All this is possible without even setting foot inside a  post office. The services are reasonably priced and the convenience makes it all worth it. There is even the availability of an exact replica website that allows the user to perform the same functions on a desktop computer that they would on a mobile device.