It seems that Everyone wants to go Mobile and be a part of this extremely lucrative Mobile Salon Industry. This is why we created the ability for Barbers & Stylist as well as companies & investors to now FRANCHISE with us! The introduction of the ONLY Mobile Salon FRANCHISE in the World will be announced at the Mobile Salon EXPO event.

Mobile Salon Network's program has training curriculum for barbers and stylists to learn everything they need to know about the Mobile Salon Bus business from the only Mobile Salon School in the world. Teaching all aspects of the operation of the vehicle from maintenance of all the components like the water tanks, electrical connections and the customer entertainment systems to all the laws and regulations of operating a Mobile Salon business in their state. Our Mobile Salon Driving Course is one of a kind, the only course built to teach how to maneuver a shuttle bus in the commercial, as well as, residential areas to park and do hair anywhere it's needed.

The program's key efficiency is the booking system from the convenience of the Mobile Salon App where consumers can actually see which Mobile Salons are in their area, who is working on these buses, what availabilities they have, which services they provide, pricing, and the barber/stylist's profile with samples of their work. The Mobile Salon Network is taking this business to the next level with all the details of the program set up for maximum impact on the Barber and Beauty Industry of professionals and consumers.

Through the mobile salon program, an entire advertising venue is being created and promoted via vehicle wraps, LED digital displays on the inside and outside of the mobile salon buses, and via Hair Art Advertising (creating company logos on customer heads via haircuts and hairstyles).