Reward your employees with Spa and Wellness incentives and show your appreciation!
As you know keeping employees that work well within your company and contribute to your bottom line is a major part of your HR department. It is very expensive to hire and train new staff for that reason we created the 'Mobile Spa RV' now you can reward your staff with incentives that they will truly appreciate.
At no cost or  a very reasonable cost to your company.
All you have to do is contact the Mobile Spa RV and we will come to your parking lot  and let your employees enjoy wellness and spa treatments on their break!  You post a flyer that we will send to you prior to our arrival in the cafeteria or employee lounge and that is all there is too it.
If you like your company can treat staff to the treatments by issuing vouchers as appreciation for outstanding work. Just call us and we will explain how the vouchers work.
If you like the RV to come to your company - we will park in your parking lot  for as long as you negotiate (depending how many employees you have) This is a wonderful way to show your staff your appreciation and give them  the incentive to work harder and enjoy being a part of your team.

Contact us to schedule the 'Mobile Spa RV" to your company parking lot.