Over the past year the “Beauty House Call” has become all the rage. Customized for today’s on the move, technologically savvy woman, MobilitySalon.com, is structured to provide on-site, on-demand beauty services using technology to connect clients with independent beauty professionals, and independent beauty professionals with the tools they need to start and run an online, on-site, beauty services business.

“We’ve succeeded in translating the entire brick and mortar Salon business model to the internet. Through a Multisite Network we offer Clients a full array of beauty services through MobilitySalon.com, as well as an online store for organic, cruelty-free, eco-friendly beauty products at Mobility-Organics.com. In addition, we provide our thoroughly vetted membership of top-notch independent beauty professionals, “The Mobility Salon Squad”, access to a full selection of wholesale inventory through the Members Only Squad Store. We even have a Salon Squad Product Sales Program earning them commissions on product sales they initiate through Mobility-Organics.com. Nobody has succeeded in bringing the entire Salon experience to the internet, and to the Clients’ doorstep, like we have,” says MobilitySalon.com Co-Founder and Technology Partner, Sherry Mandel.

Adds Co-Founder Lia Giovanniello, “The Mobility Salon Squad focuses on pampering the client, rather than on speed. Our goal is to create a luxurious experience at the Client’s home, office, or event venue. Of course, sometimes speed is the name of the game, so we also offer an Express Menu for that last minute invitation, or any event that presents a time constraint. We’ve got it all covered.”

To ensure quality and consistency, Mobility Salon Squad members use organic, cruelty-free, eco-friendly, and Vegan beauty products which have been made available to them through the Members Only Squad Store, and are available to Clients and the public online at Mobility-Organics.com. Mobility Salon Squad Members are fully equipped with all products and gear necessary for each on-site service category, including comfortable shampoo accoutrements, hand and foot baths, a tanning tent, and a tarp for quick easy cleanup. The only evidence of their visit will be your fabulous new look. They’ll even bring their own extension cord!

“The idea of using technology effectively, not only to enhance the consumer experience, but to allow beauty professionals to run their own virtual business, has been the basis of the MobilitySalon.com vision,” says Co-Founder Leo Roman. MobiliySalon.com can be accessed from any computer or mobile device through the internet to book and pay for services in and around Las Vegas, NV and Nassau County, LI, NY. Simply choose a date and time then pay with any major credit card all in real time - no waiting on hold or for a call back.

MobilitySalon.com is currently accepting Mobility Salon Squad Membership Applications through their website, and will be taking appointments for On-site Beauty House Calls later this year.