Mobiquant Technologies specializes in providing innovative solutions for the management and security of mobile devices, covering the concepts of Mobile Security Management and Mobile Device Management. Easing IT teams daily operations in enterprise mobility.

Since 2006, it has been at the forefront, in terms of innovation and quality.

Mobiquant Technologies was the first company in the world (Mobile Congress 2007) to build a multiplatform( WM, IOS, Android, Blackberry, Symbian, Linux, Bada,..) and MDM/MSM solution. As well as the first to address the IT and Security Community while new comers (2009 and so) were betting on carrier side. This makes our current success on the market based not on the marketing side of things but technical and innovation value addition. First DODs running a MSM/MDM solution have chosen Mobiquant technology.

The company now has a worldwide presence, and has gained significant recognition among the IT and Security Community for the mobile security innovation seen in its solutions and which allows it to continue to expand and develop.

- Mobile Security Management (MSM)
- Mobile Device Management (MDM- BYOD)
- Mobile Application Security Management (MASM)

Mobiquant has a range of innovative solutions for mobile security declined in a hardware or cloud version, including:
MobileNX Enterprise Suite, a multiplatform appliance product for the security and management of all types of devices; iPhortress, a solution dedicated to the management and security of iPhones and iPads; and uFortress dedicated to the management and security of Android devices.

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Alexandra Meyer

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