dme: From Trailblazing Game Publisher……
Established in the Philippines in 2004 by offshore outsourcing expert Scott Countryman and a team of local IT veterans, dme was the first company in the country to support the demand for interactive digital entertainment throughout the South East Asian region.  
Since then, dme has established itself as an industry trailblazer.  mobiusgames, dme’s online gaming division, was the pioneer and proponent of the “Free-to-Play” model which went on to revolutionize the local gaming industry. mobiusgames also earned a reputation for taking “B” quality content and transforming this into “A” performing games, as evidenced by Gunbound – the most popular game in the history of the Philippines to date.  
dme’s pioneering spirit extended beyond publishing as it introduced mobiusonline - the first pre-paid, online payment platform in the region, designed to support micro-transactions in a multi-currency, multi-country operating experience via a universal ecommerce currency called ePoints.
In light of dme’s zealous efforts, mobiusgames received a number of accolades to-date including the prestigious Philippine Marketing Excellence Award for Most Outstanding Online Game in the Philippines (2005) and the National Product Quality Excellence Award for Best Computer Online Game (2004).

To Innovative Game Services Partner
As dme continued to gain recognition for its expertise in the digital media publishing industry, it expanded its operations in 2006 and became the first game publisher in the region to offer outsourced game services to global publishers and developers looking to manage costs, increase revenue streams and improve game play.
dme prides itself in being Game Specialists, possessing an inherent understanding of the responsibilities it owes the gaming community and to the integrity of the developer’s product.  Our entire team places enormous importance on the continual development and community enjoyment of the game in order to enhance and promote the ultimate gaming experience. The years of experience have translated into invaluable expertise which dme now generously extends to its customers.  Our tried and tested solutions have been proven to reduce operational costs by as much as 60% and even extend lifespan of customers' games, maximizing average revenue per user by up to 78%.