Founded in 2009, Mobliciti had a vision that mobile devices would one day become the primary means of accessing corporate information and that delivering applications via cloud services would revolutionise the way businesses consume IT services.

Since then, we have witnessed a dramatic change in Enterprises’ appetite to embrace cloud services and invest in mobile, often driven by digital transformation initiatives which IT teams are at the very heart of.

As we plan for ‘the new normal,’ Mobliciti help customers transition to the cloud, work effectively & securely on mobile devices, in the office or at home, whilst better managing IT spend.

As a Managed Service Provider, over the last decade, we have enabled over 100 Enterprises to harness the phenomenal potential of mobile IT, encompassing the procurement, connectivity, security and management of mobile devices. In recent years we have also helped them transition securely to Cloud services, as part of their Digital Transformation strategies. Our award-winning range of Managed Services have been developed specifically for this task, allowing businesses to bridge the skills gaps as they move forward with mobile and cloud adoption.

Put simply, we aim to make mobile & cloud, simple & secure.