Your coworker had a birthday but no flowers showed up at her office desk? There are many popular occasions that require friends or coworkers to organize a money pool in order to schedule a simple gift such as bouquet or a gift basket. However, it has traditionally been a major pain to gather people around and it’s very time consuming. Plus it takes a lot of effort to go around, collect the money, “I owe you” – comes up, and other inconveniences such as “who is going to make a purchase?”, who is going to select the gift and so on.
There are many life events and occasions such as birthday, new baby, get well, graduation, sympathy, admin day, and the list goes on and on – that go without a proper gift – only because it’s tough to make it happen.
Our mission is to simplify Group-gifting while providing fun experience and low cost. Start a GIFT CAMPAIGN and schedule a premium gift delivery for your friend or a coworker in 3 easy steps. 1. Start a Campaign. 2. Invite Others. 3. Enjoy Gift Delivery.