Mobysoft is one of the fastest growing technology companies in the UK, providing innovative time saving solutions to the social housing sector.

We have been working closely with leading Housing Associations across the UK since 2003, offering a range of products ranging from mobile SMS services to our unique rent arrears Business Intelligence engine.

Responsive solutions
Mobile Logic - Our market leading communications solution ensures housing associations can reduce their “no- access” rates, improve the efficiency of their operatives and save £1000’s in responsive repairs.

We can also offer mobile customer satisfaction solutions allowing rapid information collation and advanced reporting which means no staff time is spent collating data and management can identify problem areas in real time.

RentSense – in response to the Welfare Reform Act 2012, Housing Associations are facing major changes and need a disciplined rent recovery process. Rentsense is an intelligent rent arrears management service which can help to increase efficiency, reduce arrears, lower bad debt write off's and ultimately help secure tenancies. Our unique software is helping associations across the UK analyse rent payment patterns for over 450,000 properties and effectively prepare for the introduction of Universal Credit.

Our software takes one day to install and is managed and run off site from our data centres in the cloud. This means no lengthy IT projects, no capital expenditure and no IT maintenance headache.

Market Leadership
Mobysoft have fostered thought leadership and debate through launching the award winning ‘Progress: Leadership in housing’ forums. An opportunity for social housing’s leaders to learn from their peers, share ideas, network and disseminate good practice.