"Are you looking for a bag of high-quality, which nobody else has? Then the Mocnikova bag is maybe the bag for you! A woman without a beautiful bag doesn't feel complete?"
– John Mocnik

Passion for Italian leather bags.
During our summer holidays in Sienna in 2014, Italy, my wife Karin was looking for a beautiful leather bag. Where could you buy them better than in Italy? Enough choice between all of the bags, you would think. However, it turned out to my discontent that most of the bag shops concentrate on mass tourism. There was almost nowhere a unique, handmade handbag to find. Most of all, there were bags that you can also can buy well online.

But, when we ran into a little side street a few days later, we really came towards an artisanal bag shop that is being led by the whole family. The wife of the owner told us that they make the bags completely handcrafted. We were invited to have a look into the little workshop where the owner himself worked and made the most beautiful bags. That was exactly what we were looking for!

Unique bag brand Mocnikova.
That has inspired us to introduce a unique bag brand: Mocnikova. Every woman preferably wants to have a unique, beautiful bag that is made of high-quality leather. A bag where it has been worked on with love and devotion. However, on the internet, such bags are almost not to be found due to loads of factory bags. Mocnikova offers these unique, handmade bags, made of high-quality leather, though.

Handmade bags from local handcraftspeople.
The Mocnikova bags are being made with the biggest accurary and precision by local craftspeople in their own workshops in and arround Florence. Here, it is still worked with love and devotion. Hence, beautiful, high-quality, fashion-conscious bags emerge.

Since we work together with various little and medium workshops, our bag supply is guaranteed, but is also varied. We do not buy large amounts per seasons, but we quarterly buy the most unique and fashionable bags. From some pieces to one or ten piece of a model or of a colour at most. And in any case, we can make a custom bag upon request.

With our Mocnikova bags, we aspire after recognition of the old craftsmanship and after consiousness raising of the environment. We do that by the exclusive use of plantal tanned and very soft calf leather. Also, the other production processes, like the adherence of the bags, are being executed in an ecofriendly way.

"No woman is complete without her bag"

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