Modelrific was created by two entrepreneurs, Geoff Sanders and Steve Ranieri.  Geoff is a professional photographer (view his profile on Modelrific here) and web designer that has been working with the modeling industry for years.  Steve, an online business owner, is also a successful web master and avid photography fan.  After years of frustration dealing with all of the other modeling sites (we don’t mention their names here), the two did the natural thing and took matters into their own hands, and Modelrific was born.


You’re right – there are a lot of modeling and photography websites (those of which we do not speak of…).  However, as we realized, most of these websites offer very little; some even charge money for these lack-of-services!  With websites like Flickr.com and Facebook.com, anyone can post a photo on the internet.  A modeling industry website should be about making connections, not just hosting a portfolio.

With this is mind, Modelrific was developed with this mission in mind:

   “To connect professional members of the modeling industry through a user-friendly, multifunctional, robust online community.”

We have created a website that encompasses this mission and goes beyond.  With privacy controls, group creation, and instant chat, Modelrific goes above and beyond your typical modeling site.

Our goal is to give our users a tool in which to develop their talents, skills, and trades while building and nourishing professional relationships.  We hope that Modelrific fills the gap in the online modeling industry.  This website is for professionals like you, and as such, we would love to hear from you with any recommendations or suggestions you may have.


Our slogan says it all, “Terrifically Put Together.”  The modeling industry embodies this, and we thought our website should embody this too.  Besides, Modeling.com was taken!  So we decided to put our slogan and our industry together into one word…and Modelrific was born.  We think it’s a terrific a name…