ModernDebtRelief.com is an online network of paid members dedicated to becoming debt free. We negotiate discount rates with legal, real estate, and credit restoration professionals like yourself who will assist members to reach their goals.

ModernDebtRelief.com as of 2009 is growing faster than any other company of its kind. Because we can offer a greater sense of accountability for advertisers and our members than other referral networks.

Five services are highlighted on the community website: Loan Modification, Credit Repair, Legal Assistance (with bankruptcy, tax settlement, outstanding debt, and evictions), Financial Planning, and Real Estate Investing.

Background checks are performed on all participating companies to ensure that their claims and services are legitimate. This saves ModernDebtRelief.com members the headache and stress of finding help on their own. Community forums are also available to members to chat and exchange ideas.

Thousands of dollars can be saved by becoming a member on the new site http://www.moderndebtrelief.com. All provider companies offer discounts of up to %60 off of their services to Modern Debt Relief members.

A 30 day free trial is available, after which the membership fees start at $69.99 a year. With promo codes GOLDMEMBER5 and PLATINUM15, yearly membership is reduced to $5.95 and $15.95 for the first year. This price is well worth the peace of mind and accountability that ModernDebtRelief.com provides its members.

Marketers and their clients are becoming aware of the need to measure the collaborative effects of marketing (i.e., how the Internet affects in-store sales) rather than soloing each advertising medium. The effects of multichannel marketing can be difficult to determine, but are an important part of ascertaining the value of media campaigns. We provide a win-win environment for our professionals and their clients.

Service Providers can sign up here: http://www.service.moderndebtrelief.com

Modern Debt Relief, Inc. also has an associate program.They are looking for motivated leaders that could use residual income.