Our Philosophy

The lion is a majestic creature. Strong, aggressive, dependable, and noble. The lion is truly the king of the jungle. This awe inspiring creature perfectly represents everything we stand for at Modern Mane. We make products for men who relate to the powerful lion and his mane. We use the highest quality ingredients because we know you don't have time for lackluster results. As a modern day man you have a busy lifestyle. You demand the best. Our focus is on providing you with the best. Every lion has his mane. However, a mane is so much more than hair. A lion's mane signifies its status. In parallel, your appearance speaks volumes about you. We aim to make sure it says the right things. Whether you suffer from a dry flaky beard or irritated skin following your shaves, we're here for you. Like a pride of lions, we won't abandon you to the wolves of poor grooming. You can depend on us to provide what you need to look your very best. Bearded, clean shaven or somewhere in between.

Our Mission

At Modern Mane, we care about more than just profits. We want to foster a community of well-groomed gentlemen. We gladly stand by the quality our products. We want to share them with the world. We believe it is every man's right to look his very best. We want to build relationships with our customers. We want to engage them and hear what they have to say about our products. Our goal is that each customer proudly supports our brand and our mission.

Our Environment

We care about sustainability. The well being of our environment is something we care deeply about. Harmful chemicals run rampant in cosmetics and skincare, but we strive to use natural and organic substitutes whenever possible. We abhor that our industry is saturated with products that use cheap yet harmful chemicals in place of quality ingredients. As a brand, we work to provide a safer option to consumers while maintaining the  integrity and quality performance you rightfully expect.