Located in New York State, Modern Manufacturing Services is an innovative manufacturer of flexible packaging machinery. With their primary focus on pouch making machinery, Modern Manufacturing leads the way with machines that are flexible to set up and operate, and fast and easy to make product changeovers. As one of the very few domestic manufacturers of pouch making equipment, the dynamic core group of individuals at Modern, each with several years of industry experience, have one goal in mind when designing a new machine or making updates to existing machinery. That goal is to provide the end customer a positive ownership experience. This goal is achieved by designing a machine that allows for fast product change over utilizing adjustable carriage based machine sections that are set and reset without the use of tools. Additionally, the control platforms available have been designed for easy and intuitive operator use. With this machine operational flexibility, the owner realizes faster job changeovers and less scrap materials, contributing to more production and profitability.

Modern Manufacturing will analyze a customer requirement and provide a solution based on the needs of the application. This often means designing, or altering, a special attachment or machine section, to meet the needs of the customer. In an industry that quite often is inflexible in design changes, this ability sets Modern apart from their competition.

A true testament to a company’s growth is the number of repeat orders by existing customers. Modern has dozens of customers returning for additional machines as their capacity increases. Also, Modern will add auxiliary equipment to existing machines (often a competitor’s machine), and provide machine retrofits when needed. This level of customer support and loyalty is largely the reason Modern Manufacturing has continued its significant growth every year it has been in business.