Modern Portable is a fast growing industry leader in consumer direct HIFI Bluetooth Headphones, HIFI Bluetooth earphones and power bank chargers.

Why has Modern Portable emerged as a serious threat to the Industry?  Five ideals have enabled Modern Portable to become one of the fastest growing consumer direct companies in the industry:

Modern Design: Our products incorporate leading-edge, modern design that is clean, attractive and functional. Our eye-catching products stand out in a sea of lookalike competitors, and the look, feel and operation will delight you.

Modern Performance: All Modern Portable products provide outstanding performance that leads at their price points, and even compare favorably to much more expensive products. We thoroughly engineer everything with top performance in mind, and then use the best factories for manufacturing. When you purchase a product from Modern Portable, quality and performance is assured.

Modern Value: Our products are unique values that lead at their price points, and even compare favorably to much more expensive competitors. Our value equation is unmatched in the industry.

Modern Efficiency: An efficient and eco-friendly philosophy drives everything we do. We save money and raw materials with our attractive yet minimalist packaging, and a PDF instruction manual for your product is sent to you when you order. When many thousands of products are shipped, the savings in weight and bulk are considerable. Not only does this reduce our cost so we can pass the savings to you, the environment is protected as well. Our approach uses less energy to transport the product from the factory to our warehouse, and from our warehouse to your doorstep.

Classic Service: At Modern Portable, we care! We are committed to always doing the right thing for our customers, from designing the best products in their class, manufacturing them to high standards of quality, and pricing them fairly so everyone can afford them. Once you are our customer we will take a personal interest in your satisfaction, with the goal of building a long-term relationship like people used to have with their local general store. Our products will bring you in, and our staff and service will keep you as a happy customer.