The School of Modern Psychology is devoted to helping people ‘free their potential’ because living a purposeful and meaningful life is at the core of human behaviour and development. We consider issues such as how to create your personal identity, how to master the art of relationships, how to understand why we do what we do, how to achieve a more calm and purposeful life, and how better to understand our role within the world we live.

Online Programs

We deliver our services through a number of channels to suit your different needs, which means you can log-on and access your program or course anywhere at any time, join a live face-to-face group or receive individual coaching.

The School of Modern Psychology offers you a safe secure place to think about how you manage emotions, how to develop your mind and the opportunity to expand your possibilities. We draw from psychology, philosophy, sociology, neuro linguistics and ideas ‘worth sharing’ to create programs so you can make a difference in your life.

In helping you stimulate and expand your mind within a community of curious-minded and sociable people, you’ll begin a journey of exploring your potential through group programs and/or online learning resources.

Consulting Services for Business

Alongside individual and group programs, we also offer a consulting and training service for businesses wanting to align talent, personality and passion with performance. For further information please contact us directly.

Who Creates the Programs?

We have senior lecturers in Medicine with special interest in the Mind, Medical Doctors, Psychologists, Leadership Consultants and Coaches who work with us to develop the very best programs. You can be sure that you’ll be drawing on quality information that’s tailored to people with busy lives.