The Art of Modular Home Design
Douglas Cutler Architects has become nationally recognized for elevating modular construction to an art, producing results which offer superior design and quality with considerable cost advantages over traditional construction methods.

Unlike other architectural firms, Douglas Cutler Architects brings to modular housing the experience gained through years of working with commercial building systems in large scale commercial and multistory housing development. By thoroughly understanding and being able to apply the full capabilities of modular building systems, virtually unlimited design solutions are possible.

The quality of materials and craftsmanship can be carefully controlled in a factory environment, and in the field, construction management is simplified and delays avoided by eliminating the coordination of the trades in the construction industry. Single family homes as well as multi-family residences, hotels and motels can benefit from cost saving, labor-saving, and time-saving modular construction.

The stereotype of the sterile, inflexible modular home has been broken by Douglas Cutler Architects. We can help you take advantage of the full capabilities of modular building systems, offering virtually unlimited design solutions. This building system can be combined with other construction techniques to create a well designed, highly detailed, custom home with virtually no perceived difference from “stick-built” homes, except for the significant savings in cost and labor.

Our team will guide you in the selection and design of building systems for your application. We will coordinate all the details with the manufacturers and can coordinate site work.

About Douglas Cutler
Douglas Cutler may be one of the finest and best known architects in the field, and in the modular home industry he truly stands alone. Mr.. Cutler has often been recognized by the media for his outstanding work in this field, including half a dozen times in the prestigious Better Homes and Gardens magazine. He has been lauded by most of the industry periodicals,