Mogul Interior in Fort Myers , Florida designs your home knowing instinctively its vaastu or chi energy. The ageless beauty of Indian design elements encases your home into a space of "Mogul" grandeur. To make your interiors work in unison with your positive energy, embolden with the "abhaya" grace of ancient Gods and Goddesses, or magically captivate with contemporary passion MOGULINTERIOR brings these elements in effortlessly. Collages of colors-sari tapestries, embroidered toss pillows, sari curtains, decorative bed throws or statues of Ganesha, Shiva, Vishnu, Lakshmi placed on antique damchis, rustic doorways recreate an aura of ancient tradition .

From bedrooms that are nice and cozy with arched doorways, living rooms that are grandly decorated with carved panels, your home is a savior to the deepest feelings your heart craves. Exuberant hues and textures that add vital "prana" enhance each space giving it a new energy "shakti". Not only is your home a thing of beauty but is the source of all joy. Passionately created your home is a magnet to love, luck and prosperity attracting everything positive and good, an abode that is distinctively "Mogul".

"Tarini Jewels" is our collection of rudra malas , spiritual jewelry and yoga malas which are handmade by artisans in Orissa ,with whom we are passionately bound . Using ancient knowledge of yogas and chakras the rudra malas together with semi precious stones such as citrine, amethyst, jade and onyx, yantras and pendants of Ganesha and Hanuman balance your chi and energize your vital energy "prana".

"Indiatrendzs" is our line of bohemian clothing, haute hippy and boho couture clothing styles ,all from the land of India. Skirts, harem pants, dresses, tops,tees and tunics, we get in new shipments every week and our designs are new and trendy.