Moikabi Investments Consulting and Services company in the Information Technology Industry established in 2012 at Ramotswa, Botswana.

Moikabi Investments customer-centric approach comes from understanding that our clients need more than technology professionals. They offer a strong tech support team in common and niche skill areas. Their offshore partners in USA works closely with locally situated team as they work to complete projects within time and budget.

Expertise stems from over 9 years of experience in deploying software solutions in various verticals including Healthcare, Accounting, Cleaning & Supply Services.

They currently provide services to a wide spectrum of clients ranging from solopreneurs to small businesses.  They are actively engaged in both public and private sector, and they are registered under the Laws of Botswana.

Nathaniel Moikabi, CEO and Founder of Moikabi Investments

With around 8 years under his belt, Nathaniel comes with extensive experience in software deployment and has played a variety of roles including Technical Engineer and Technical Support Manager. He started his IT career with Bytes Technology Group and has worked with New Technology Group and Bogopa, Manewe, Tobedza & Co.

Moikabi started his Entrepreneurial career with Moikabi Investments in the end of 2012. Moikabi studied Information Technology at ABM University College, Gaborone Institute of Professional Studies and Limkokwing University of Creative Technology.

Nathaniel always goes the extra mile in fulfilling his commitment towards deliverables without wavering on quality. Various client testimonials attest to his sense of strong work ethic and commitment. True to his nature, Moikabi is actively involved in the local community and volunteers his time and effort for various social activities.